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The best time of the year for selling houses

Believe it or not, the listing date can play a huge role on the speed and success of your house listing. If you wish to make a fast home sale, then you should start to pay attention to the calendar.


I know what you’re thinking – online listings of houses for sale are visible 365 days a year. However, what you don’t know is, the freshness of a listing also plays a part in locking down sales. Potential buyers tend to skip over older listings which they have seen before. In addition, psychologically, buyers subconsciously consider unsold older listings as failures since they failed to attract buyers.

The search algorithms of property portals also tend to relegate older listings to the back of search queries. So timing is of the essence here.


The same trend appears in offline sales as well. Property agents tend to focus on the latest homes for sale and market them to their customers. The files for slightly older homes for sale, meanwhile, are kept at the bottom of the pile.



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So when is the best time to put your house up for sale?


Incredibly, there is a clear correlation between warm weather and an increase in property sales. A higher percentage of sales occur during weeks and months with warm weather and sunny skies.


It actually makes a lot of sense. Potential buyers are inclined to make viewings during sunny days. After all, who would want to willingly go walking around in cold weather?


Besides, studies have shown that people feel happier and better about themselves during sunny days. When you’re happy, you become more confident. When you are confident, you become more decisive and outgoing. It’s not exactly rocket science.


So, to answer our own question, the best time to put your house up for sale in during spring and early autumn.


When is the worst time to list a house for sale?


As you’ve probably guessed, the winter months recorded the lowest number of sales. So that takes December and January out of the listing schedule.


Additionally, a marked reduction in sales activity is also observed during festive periods and surprisingly, school holidays. Christmas, Easter, long bank holiday weekends and school holidays all recorded lower sales volume.


So the next time you’re thinking of selling your home, take a good and hard look at the calendar first.