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Resources about 'Strategy'

  1. 30 Minute Business Analysis STEEP

    April 2008 (Creativebias)
    In Strategy, Markets, Business Plan, Business Model
    30 minute business analsis STEEP. ...
  2. 30 Minute Business Analysis SWOT

    April 2008 (Creativebias)
    In Strategy, Business Plan, Business Model
    30 minute business analysis SWOT. ...
  3. Strategic Management of Technology

    May 2008 (University of Leeds)
    In Operations, Strategy, Competition, Management, Leadership, Innovation, Production
    Article discussing the strategic management of technology; the importance of the holistic management of industrial knowledge and the role of radical innovation and change. ...
  4. Managing an Innovation Pipeline

    May 2008 (Ignite)
    In Strategy, Management, Business Plan, Leadership, Innovation, Production, Team
    Article explaining innovation and the innovation pipeline - a systematic and sustainable approach to managing innovation in innovative organisations. ...
  5. Collaborating for Innovation

    May 2008 (Ignite Academy)
    In Strategy, Competition, Management, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Partnerships, Customers, Innovation, Team, Networking, Marketing
    Introduction Innovation is a collaborative skill involving actively scouting the future, generating new ideas, choosing the best, rapidly and effectively implementing them, and then learning th ...
  6. Commercialising Research: A Panel Discussion

    June 2008 (University of Leeds)
    In Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Business Model, Innovation, Intellectual Property
    A recorded seminar featuring the experiences of successful entrepreneurs who have taken their academic research into a commercial setting by establishing a spin-out company. ...
  7. Absorptive and Transformative Capacity in Technology Innovation

    June 2008 ( Dr Simon Wilkins, University of Leeds (May 2008))
    In Strategy, Competition, Communication, Partnerships, Innovation, Production, Networking
    Article describing absorptive and transformative capacity in technology innovation. ...
  8. Defining your strategy – Professor Robert MacIntosh, University of Glasgow

    July 2008
    In Operations, Strategy, Management, Business Plan, Business Model, Advisors
    Video of Professor Robert MacIntosh from the University of Glasgow discussing a simple method which can help companies better define their strategy. ...
  9. Case Study: Tillerman Records

    July 2008 (University of Liverpool)
    In Strategy, Customers, Brand, Networking, Marketing
    Case study on Tillerman Records, a private limited company established by it's Director, Paul Whitelaw. ...
  10. T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity

    October 2008 (David Parrish)
    In Sales, Legal, Strategy, Finance, Management, Markets, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Business Plan, Business Model, Customers, Intellectual Property, Team, Advisors, Brand, Marketing
    'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity' is a practical handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information, examples from other businesses, and practical tips abou ...

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