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How do I advertise an IT recycling business?

Hi, how do i advertise an IT recycling business. Google seems very expensive. Any suggestions?

Asked by Paul Johnson, March 2012   -  Contact this person

3 Answers

  1. This is the website I've knocked up: www.itdisposal.net

  2. Hi Paul, I specialise in photography, graphics and video marketing so naturally I'd recommed these methods. Video content is a great, modern, cost effective and re-usable medium for promotion, awareness and marketing purposes. Video content can be shared via Vimeo, FaceBook, YouTube etc etc! And all for free (once the content is ready)

    Get intouch if you'd like to start getting some ideas together!


  3. Personally I am not a fan of paid for web ads on google etc.

    The approaches suggested by Paul are solid provided they are part of a coherent message and carry your branding.

    If you are brand new to the market then a web site is a must, because that is the first port of call for everyone these days.

    It's then down to traditional direct marketing via post and email. In the first instance I would suggest using a simple post card for mail, just to get the name out there.

    I would follow that with an email shot these can be quite inexpensive. But the content is king and will take time to produce a professional job.

    Register you web site on quality business portals.

    Look at linkedin.com. Put up a paper on the rules and regulations and how people can comply. Don't sell directly on linkedin.com

    Would need to kno more to be more specific.

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