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Solio Case Study

January 2007 (UK Intellectual Property Office)
This case study describes the growth of Better Energy Systems as they worked to developed a portable solar charger. Key issues discussed include:
  • Challenges faced while bringing a product to market
  • Finding and working with partners for external manufacturing
  • Defining a brand
  • Protecting intellectual property


Solio manufacturer, Better Energy Systems, was founded in 2001 with a vision to develop renewable energy technologies. There was a gap in the market, with innovative technologies going unnoticed due to poor design, and poor marketing and distribution strategies. Chris Hornor, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Better Energy Systems, aimed to fill that gap.

Chris and his team knew that, in the growing area of mobile technology, battery and energy technology was a huge limiting factor. Phones were starting to have attractive features such as TVs and radios, but they were quickly draining the life of the battery. This was the ‘power gap’ – the difference between battery technology and the increasing sophistication of technological devices. The batteries simply weren’t keeping up with the technologies they were required to power.

Read the full case study here

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